Greenside Bunkers.

Many golfers are fearful of 'Greenside Bunkers' due partly to the terms used to describe them, such as 'Hazards' or 'Sand Traps' or 'Sandy Graves' etc... that put negative thoughts in to their play!

In my 'Greenside Bunker Instruction' I am going to give a clear description of points to take into account before playing your shot. I would then like to talk about using a simple and effective method to be able to play out of a 'Bunker' without fear and lower your scores!

I have created 3 simple 'Golf Lessons' for you to follow;

These are;

1. Helpful tips for 'Greenside Bunkers'.
2. The 'Address & Posture Position'.
3. The 'Hand & Arm Swing'!

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view the An introduction to playing a Greenside Bunker lesson

An introduction to playing a Greenside Bunker

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Within my 'Greenside Bunker Instruction' I am going to give a clear description of some simple points to take into consideration before playing out of a 'Bunker' then I will explain the importance of the 'Address & Posture Position' and finally I will talk about using a simple 'Hand & Arm Swing' that will dramatically improve your Bunker Play!

When playing out of a 'Greenside Bunker' your Clubface needs to be encouraged to strike down and through the sand to create an explosion of sand under the ball. If you combine a sound technique with the loft angle of your Clubface, it will create an explosion that drives the sand towards your ball to force it up and out of the Bunker!

view the Tips to help work your Bunker Shot out! lesson

Tips to help work your Bunker Shot out!

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Inside this 'Lesson' I have listed some basic points to help you to work the correct Bunker Shot out and gain greater success with your results. To help keep my points simple I would like to assume your ball is lying well in the 'Bunker' and that you are able to take a comfortable 'Stance Position'. I am also going to assume you have selected a 'Sand Wedge' to play this shot.

view the The Address & Posture Position lesson

The Address & Posture Position

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Inside this 'Lesson' I have listed Five Position Headings that make up your 'Address & Posture Position'. Within these 'Headings' it is my intention to give you a clear description of all positions together with an explanation of key points concerning each of these Instructional Lessons.

view the The Hand & Arm Swing lesson

The Hand & Arm Swing

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Now you have completed your 'Addrerss & Posture Position' settle over the ball and relax. "REMEMBER" your Clubhead needs to strike through the sand rather than striking the ball to encourage the sand to be driven onto your ball to force the ball up and out of the bunker. So it is the sand that gets the ball out of the Bunker not a direct strike between Clubhead and Ball!

Inside this lesson I will describe the importance of keeping your Head Still and how to use your 'Hand & Arm Swing' to control the length and pace of your Golf Swing to be able to control the Clubhead and the amount of sand struck at impact.