Hi. My name is Ian Bailey and am a qualified and experienced PGA Golf Professional, I have been teaching players at all levels for more than 33 years. Golf is a wonderful game and a lot easier to play than many people think providing some basic techniques are followed. Within GolfingPartner I will explain these simple techniques and provide help, support and guidance so you can always

Mark Twain once said

"A round of golf is a good walk spoilt"

While I understand his sentiment was said in jest I personally disagree!

Golf is alot easier to play than many people think providing some basic points have been applied before playing a shot! 

These are termed 'Controllable's so whether you're playing a Drive, Fairway Shot, Pitch Shot, Bunker Shot, Chip or a Putt etc... every shot has a series of Controllable's that should be applied correctly to suit the Shot, the Lie and the Club being used!  

Take a few moments to look at my instructional features, especially the 'Free Ones' as they offer every golfer the opportunity to understand and apply these all important Controllable positions to instantly improve their golf game! 

Also check out my 'FREE' and unique 'Fault Finder', that has been purposely designed to help every golfer identify 'The Fault' and more importantly identify 'The Cause of the Fault' to then be able to Cure The Fault!

superb golf lessons in ebook format for you to downloadgolf and business make for a perfect match, our services can help you build on your successesuse our FREE custom fitting service and buy clubs that benefit your golf game, not the store's profit!

'Troubling Ball Flight?'

Check out my unique 'FREE' 'Ball Flight Fault Finder'  

This FREE Function has been specifically designed to help you to understand the 'Problem Ball Flights' by offering PGA Qualified explanations to 'Common Swing Faults' that cause these unwanted shots!

The main aim of this 'Fault Finder' facility is to help you to firstly identify 'The Fault' to then identify 'The Cause of the Fault' to then be able to work on 'The Cure!'

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    If you are starting out learning to play this wonderful game or perhaps you are an experienced and accomplished player who needs some help my 'Golf Instruction Pages' are for you as they will help you to understand every aspect of your Golf Game!

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    'Mission Statement'

  • “Does your Game ever frustrate you?”

  • “Would you like to understand your Golf Swing and any Faults you may have?”

  • “Would you like to understand the causes of such faults and learn what action to take to correcting them?”

  • If the answer is ‘YES’ to any or all of these questions I’m here to HELP by offering 30 years of PGA Qualified Professional advice to solve any swing issue you may have.

    I will do this by providing you with clear explanations and a structure of ‘Practice Techniques’ and Practice Drills that, if practiced correctly, I guarantee will improve the targeted area of your golf game AND prevent you from ever practicing incorrectly again thus unwittingly perfecting those unwanted faults!

    Simply Contact Ian Bailey, PGA Golf Professional for help!